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    Hey, i'm looking for the most popular heavy metal songs of all time?

    Master of Puppets - Metallica Dance Of Death - Iron Maiden Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden Paranoid - Black Sabbath Killing In The Name Of - Rage Against The Machine Holy Diver - Dio Angel of Death - Slayer Chop Suey! - System of a Down War Pigs - Black Sabbath...
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    Who's sick of windows 10 updates?

    Turn them off if that's 100% possible?
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    How much exercise should i get a week? How much do you do?

    Going by your age. Im guessing you are a teen? Children and adolescents should do at least 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. Most of the 60 minutes should be either "moderate"- or vigorous intensity "aerobic physical activity", and should include "vigorous-intensity" physical...
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    Kevin Hart has a Car Accident - was he on snapchat

    Poor Kevin Hart was in a Car Accident. Sure he wasn't on social media lol? Is there even a law in the USA driving and phone recording? Well, Kevin Hart looks to be focusing on "himself" and on getting back to his normal life. When is he not focusing on "himself"!!! He had a violent car crash...
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    Last sunday it rained and was windy :rolleyes: I swear it was the coldest day ever in my life for Soccer day :( You live in a warm area?
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    Cold??? Freezing you mean :D As much as i love soccer in winter, its all so cold!!
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    How do I stop my dog barking?

    I tried to find a Pets topic spot, i think i was unsuccessful? So, this is about my Dog bella! When I go upstairs. She goes absolutely mental, barking and running and growling when I go up. She only does it with me. I can't go down and tell her to stop because she does as soon as she see's...
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    Write in - Your favorite sports poem

    As some may have just released, i am obsessed with the sport soccer. I have never seen a sports poem topic, so i made one for others to share their sports poems. My vision to the future As I stand on that muddy grass field, The roar of the cheering crowds Is all I seem to hear. No specific...
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    New from Aus!

    So i was searching the net tonight for random teen site and here i am. I am from Australia and love to play sports throughout summer and winter. Winter i have played Soccer for the last 5 years. Summer i play Tennis for the 3rd year running. I have a family of 5 and are the youngest child...
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    Hey from oz

    Hey from oz