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    Hey, how is Australia going? Hot??
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    Hey, i'm looking for the most popular heavy metal songs of all time?

    Hey everyone, i am wanting to add metal songs to my ipod for a long car trip. Just before we arrive to our destination, we will have a few travelers and turn the music up loud and get pumped!! The most popular Catchy songs are probably typically not the best, so im wanting a small list that...
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    how young is too young to have a baby?

    She should enjoy life and have a baby after 20. 15 is to young imo.
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    hii everyone

    Hi and welcome.
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    We will be upgrading the forums

    I enjoy the variety of the Like button to, thanks.
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    Looking for Avatars for the Avatar Gallery

    Sorry I cannot help. I am no good at any of this! Sounds great though.
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    Don't want to give up drinking

    This day and age you’re totally correct. I have seen this happen many of times, where friends no longer invite non drinkers to their parties. It’s really sad actually, you shouldn’t have to drink to fit in. If you have real friends, they should invite you no matter what. I can dance and have fun...
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    Is yahoo dead now?

    I know there are a lot of people still using yahoo emails. Though probably not the chat.
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    I'm going to be forced to go to the psychiatrist

    If you’re not depressed, you should pass then right. I don’t see a big deal over this.
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    Planning to cut down!!

    It’s certainly doable. It’s not like you drink every night. The family dinner sounds like a good starting point though. If you and your boyfriend can agree on doing this together would help out a lot. I know a older lady that has 4 glasses of wine most nights a week. I don’t believe wine is all...
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    Hi Teen Forums

    Hi Miss Mod :)
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    hey everyone new

    hey guys, just checking out the forums. don't mind me, see you around :)