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  1. Tig

    We will be upgrading the forums

    Likes are great!!
  2. Tig

    Welcome to AKA Off-Topic

    Whats the deal with this? :D
  3. Tig

    I walk away from the TV for 5 minutes to do an EKG

    You can do a EKG at work?
  4. Tig

    I feel like I'm developing a drinking problem

    Maybe all of you just drink on the weekends ;)
  5. Tig

    Hi Teen Forums

    Nice animal names, welcome to the boards :)
  6. Tig

    We will be upgrading the forums

    Love your work bud. 2 things is I can't like your post and I can't get my flag to show.
  7. Tig

    What type of Music are you into for 2018

    Dance, pop and rock.
  8. Tig

    Is yahoo dead now?

    I haven't used yahoo in god knows how long.
  9. Tig

    I'm going to be forced to go to the psychiatrist

    Wouldn't you just be your self? Let the psychiatrist be the judge. Btw, how did you go?
  10. Tig

    She no longer wants to be with me

    I think we all go through it. And in the end we all make it through it. Find a hobby, hang with friends, keep your mind occupied.
  11. Tig

    I feel like I'm developing a drinking problem

    How about just drink on weekends?
  12. Tig

    say hi

    Hi. Welcome.
  13. Tig

    How to use of EDB Recovery Software

    That's great but did you have to post it twice.
  14. Tig

    V8 SuperCars 2018 Series - Project CARS 2 - PS4

    Got a update coming soon.
  15. Tig

    Korn - Falling Away From Me "KoЯn Unplugged"

    Never heart them unplugged, sweet as version.
  16. Tig

    Got to love Project CARS 2

    Iracing is good on PC but the handling of the v8 Supercars out of the box is crap. I reckon I could do a quicker lap in a real v8 Supercar tbh. I do tend to play Project cars 2 over iracing. So yeah man agreed.
  17. Tig

    Who's sick of windows 10 updates?

    I am currently testing out and about to run a racing series on PC. Opening room on time is a must. So booting up my PC must be done 30 minute prior to opening a racing room. Just encase I get stupid updates. Well while I was testing tyre wear pushing the car to the max, windows hit me with a...
  18. Tig

    Hows the forum looking, ok?

    Looks heaps better now using iphone thanks.
  19. Tig

    V8 SuperCars 2018 Series - Project CARS 2 - PS4

    Hi everyone. Welcome to V8 SuperCars 2018 thread for Project CARS 2 on PS4. We are running this series for 13 rounds with prizes added for drivers overall points for the season, and prizes for our 2 endurance races. Everyone is welcome to join up, meaning drivers from all over the world are...